Children’s Dentistry

Keeping Young Smiles Healthy for Life

Teaching your children to brush and floss their teeth early in life is important, but it isn’t all they should learn about caring for their smiles. Like their parents, children need to maintain a routine of regular checkups and cleanings with their dentist to keep a close eye on their oral health. As their teeth and jawbones develop, seemingly minor issues (like slight tooth misalignment) can grow increasingly worse without proper care. At Munilla Dental, we’re dedicated to ensuring that such issues do not occur, or that they don’t have a chance to seriously threaten your child’s smile if they do.

What Children’s Dentistry Mean

Children’s dentistry isn’t vastly different from the routine dental care that you receive as an adult. The goal is to keep children’s smiles healthy by preventing problems, or by treating them in their earliest stages. What sets children’s dentistry apart are the unique considerations that must be taken with younger, still-developing smiles. For instance, preventing tooth decay doesn’t just save your child’s primary teeth; it can also reduce the risks of trouble with the permanent tooth developing underneath it. Preventive measures like fluoride treatment (which strengthens tooth enamel) and dental sealants (which seal teeth off from bacteria) can help improve your child’s chances of avoiding more serious restorative dental work in the future.

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