Do You Need Dentures?

If you lose one to three teeth in a row, we may suggest a dental bridge or a dental implant. But what about advanced tooth loss? What if you lose a majority of your teeth, or all of them? In these situations, we can still help patients obtain full and functional smiles with dentures. We offer three different options for replacing missing teeth, which denture is right for you?

Partial Dentures

A partial is perfect for a patient with several missing teeth, but not enough to warrant a full denture. The prosthetic contains multiple replacement teeth made from lifelike materials, such as zirconia or porcelain. There will be a base that mimics the appearance of gum tissue and metal clasps, which attach to the remaining natural teeth to secure your new ones in place.

Full Prosthetics

A full replaces all of the teeth on one or both arches. There will be an acrylic base that looks like your natural gum tissue, as well as teeth made from the same lifelike materials as those in partial dentures. Instead of metal clasps, natural suction holds the new teeth in place (and possibly a special adhesive).

Implant-Retained Prosthetics

Removable full and partial dentures typically last between five and ten years before requiring replacement. Over time, the jawbone will change shape and require a new prosthetic to ensure a comfortable fit. However, if we secure them with dental implants, the growth of jawbone tissue can be stimulated, ensuring the dental implants remain in place for decades, possibly even a lifetime. We can use dental implants to secure dentures, providing a prosthetic that never slips during meals or speech, and one that can last for a significantly longer amount of time while also preserving a patient’s facial structure. If you have any questions about our dentures, whether removable or implant-retained, then please contact our office today. You can start 2018 with a full smile.

Do You Need a Tooth Loss Solution?

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