Does Jaw Pain Mean TMJ Disorder?

Millions of Americans suffer from a common jaw joint disorder known as TMJ disorder, or TMD. Without treatment, the disorder can lead the onset of serious discomfort in your jaw. Fortunately, we have solutions to help address the issue and restore comfort to your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ Disorder

Question: What causes TMD?

Answer: TMD can develop when the jaw joints undergo excessive strain. Causes may include tooth loss, injury to the face or jaw, bruxism (teeth grinding), and misalignment. Whatever the cause, the issue can continue to grow worse unless treated, eventually leading to problems opening and closing the mouth.

Question: What are the symptoms of this jaw joint disorder?

Answer: The temporomandibular joints control the actions needed to eat and speak properly, so TMJ can mean you feel pain in the jaw or face. You may also experience chronic headaches and aches in the neck or shoulders. If you grind your teeth as well, tooth sensitivity and toothaches can arise as well. If one or more of these possible signs seems familiar, then contact our team today.

Question: What changes can I make to treat it?

Answer: You can use a warm compress against the side of the face to ease strain. You can also avoid caffeine products or chewing on hard/chewy foods, as the repetitive actions needed to consume them can exacerbate symptoms.

Question: Will an oral appliance help?

Answer: In many cases, we do treat the issue with an oral appliance. Worn as you sleep, the device functions much like a nightguard, but actually repositions the jaw the ease strain on the joints. We may also discuss orthodontics or placing restorations to change your bite and hep address TMJ disorder. If you have any questions or concerns about treating TMD, or if you recognize the symptoms we’ve discussed, then please contact our office today. We can help you enjoy a healthier and more comfortable smile!

Do You Have Headaches or Jaw Pain?

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