3 Tips For A Better Brushing Experience

Are you doing the best possible job brushing your teeth? To enjoy truly effective preventive care at home, you need to make sure you maintain good habits. This means brushing regularly, and brushing in a way that best keeps your teeth clean. Many people are surprised to learn that their habits are not as effective as they realize. While some people rush through this part of their day, others can be surprised to find that brushing with too much force can create problems. Keeping up with better habits at home, and scheduling regular dental checkups, can help you enjoy keep your smile cavity-free! (more…)

Quiz: Oral Health Problems, And How They Can Be Addressed

Why is it so important to take care of your smile? Without regular, effective oral health care, you can find yourself dealing with problems like tooth decay and gum disease. These issues have the ability to do serious harm. Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss? Did you know that a cavity can lead to an infection that spreads from your tooth, and causes further harm? It is important to maintain good preventive dental health habits, so you can avoid these issues. Fortunately, your dentist is ready to supply the appropriate restorative dental care if a concern does arise. (more…)

What Should You Expect During Your First Dental Visit?

Scheduling an appointment to see a new dentist can leave you a little uneasy. Will they provide good care? Will they cause unnecessary discomfort? Can they accommodate any special needs you might have as a patient? If you go in for a routine dental appointment, your dentist can provide you with a thorough oral health exam, to assess the state of your smile. This can be an important step, particularly if this is your first time at the dentist’s office after a longer period away. If you are making the appointment because of active discomfort, your dentist can provide excellent restorative dental care. Our practice can make sure you feel comfortable during that treatment – in addition to using modern approaches to treatment, we strive to provide the right experience for those with dental anxiety, or those who need any special accommodations. (more…)

Who Can Qualify For Orthodontic Treatment With Invisalign?

If you have a teen who is ready for an orthodontic adjustment, or if you want to correct your own issues with crooked teeth, you may be hopeful that Invisalign can help. Many people are excited at the thought of using Invisalign, and not traditional metal braces, to fix their alignment concerns. When you take this approach to orthodontic work, you can have a discreet appliance that you can remove on your own. Your dentist can examine you to see if you qualify for this treatment approach. While some individuals will need the more advanced adjustment provided by metal braces, many people will be able to rely on Invisalign for terrific results! (more…)

What Can You Expect From A Dental Restoration?

Restorative dental work should keep your tooth supported after a problem like tooth decay puts it in jeopardy. Unfortunately, when our teeth experience damage from a cavity, or from an injury, it can fail to recuperate on its own. To address this threat to its health and structural integrity, your dentist uses a dental filling or dental crown to provide the appropriate protection. In the past, patients have had to accept restorations made from metal. While these could offer support, they could have a negative effect on your appearance. Your dentist will provide you with a filling or crown made from modern materials, so you can look forward to long-term support that allows you to maintain your smile.  (more…)

Fighting Current Teeth Stains, And Avoiding Future Stains

While people are aware of how important a bright, white smile can be to their overall appearance, they can still find themselves accumulating stains on their enamel. You may do an effective job preventing dental problems that call for treatment, and still find yourself with discolored teeth. If you want to avoid future stains, keep a limit on foods and drinks that are darker or richer in color. If you use tobacco products, you should know that they can contribute to dental discoloration, as well as serious oral health troubles. Fortunately, your dentist is able to help with existing stains by performing a teeth whitening treatment. This cosmetic dental procedure can lead to amazing changes in less time than you expect.  (more…)

Can You Count On Prompt Care In A Dental Emergency?

If you experience a dental emergency, what kind of oral health support can you count on? What happens if that emergency occurs outside of regular office hours? Hopefully, these are questions you will never need answered, but if you find yourself with a tooth injury in need of prompt attention, you should know that it is available to you. Your dentist can provide you with excellent emergency dental care when you need it. Receiving the appropriate care as soon as possible can put a stop to discomfort, and give you the best chance of saving your smile. Even if there is irreparable damage, your dentist can work with you to arrange the appropriate restorative dental work, so you can enjoy a full recovery. (more…)

Enjoy The Keller Summer Nights Event June 14

On Thursday, June 14, you and your family can enjoy a summer evening full of fun activities by taking part in the Keller Summer Nights event! During this special outdoor program, the city of Keller will welcome the public to enjoy fun under the stars, with movies, as well as music, for all to enjoy. As the summer months unwind before us, any opportunity to go out and have fun as a family can be meaningful. Thanks to the Keller Summer Nights event, you and your family will have an opportunity to go out and enjoy the warm evening weather together, while taking in great entertainment. (more…)

Dental Implants Can Help Restore An Incomplete Smile

If you have suffered from tooth loss, you may feel that any restorative work on your smile can fail to help you feel fully confident in your appearance, and dental function. What you might not realize is how much support you can enjoy when you have a dental prosthetic supported with a dental implant. Your dentist can recommend an implant-supported restoration that will help you feel comfortable with your smile again, while also making sure you have the support to enjoy better biting and chewing. Dental implants can be used to successfully hold bridges and crowns, as well as larger restorations. If you have suffered the total loss of your upper or lower teeth, you can even have dentures that enjoy this permanent support! (more…)