Quiz: Helping Kids Avoid Tooth Decay

Your child’s smile deserves protection against problems like tooth decay. Your child’s teeth may not be naturally weaker than yours, but they can face a greater risk for problems. Oral care is a new concept to younger kids, and it is important that they realize its significance early on. If you want to make sure your child knows why dental care is important, make sure they are attending regular pediatric dental exams. Your dentist spends part of every visit offering instruction on preventive care practices, and the treatment they enjoy provides a great defense against problems. It is worth noting that in addition to helping your child deal with common dental troubles, your dentist is able to monitor their development. If there is a problem with the formation of your child’s oral structures, your dentist can recommend a timely treatment to stop the problem from growing worse.


True Or False: It takes time for a person’s enamel to harden – children will have naturally weaker teeth until their late teens.

True Or False: There is no reason to feel concerned if your child develops a cavity on a baby tooth.

True Or False: During pediatric dental checkups, your dentist will take time to help your children understand the importance of maintaining good oral health.


False! Your child’s enamel can be just as strong as yours. Unfortunately, younger children can do a poorer job protecting their teeth, making them more likely to develop decay.

False! Baby teeth may go away on their own, but their health is still important. A cavity can be painful, and it can lead to complications if the cavity allows bacteria to spread beyond your child’s tooth.

True! By offering instruction in addition to routine preventive dental care, your dentist can help your child understand the importance of caring for their smile.

Munilla Dental Can Help You Keep Your Kids Protected Against Tooth Decay

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