Quiz: Making Positive Changes Through Cosmetic Dental Work

If you want to make positive changes to your smile, you may be hopeful about the benefits of cosmetic dental work, but hesitant due to some fears about what you can expect. Some people decide to put off treatment because it will be too time-consuming, or because it will not lead to the degree of changes they hope for. If you have considered changing something about your smile, the first thing you should know is that your dentist can provide an expert treatment to address many different problems, and that a single procedure can do considerable good. You may be impressed with how soon you find yourself with completed work that hides your dental flaws, while still looking natural. Of course, if you want to learn more about how a treatment can help you, you can set up a consultation and receive guided information about cosmetic care.


True Or False: The agents used in professional whitening treatments address stains in your enamel, but may not be effective when you want to address intrinsic discoloration.

True Or False: Porcelain veneers are designed to be durable enough to allow you to bite and chew food when you have them on your teeth.

True Or False: If you want to correct problems with your dental alignment, you may be able to qualify for Invisalign treatment, which your dentist can provide.


True! Intrinsic discoloration can feel hard to treat because typical whitening procedures are meant to target enamel stains, not problems within your tooth. Fortunately, you can hide this type of discoloration with porcelain veneers.

True! Porcelain veneers are permanently put in place. To make sure they stay in good condition, they are designed to be tough enough to sustain their appearance even as you use them to bite and chew.

True! Invisalign offers patients a way to correct poor dental alignment without using metal braces!

Learn How Cosmetic Dental Work From Munilla Dental Can Help You

Munilla Dental is proud to help people feel great about their smiles. If you are bothered by cosmetic issues, you can schedule a consultation to learn how you might benefit from a procedure! To learn more about us, or to schedule a dental consultation, call Munilla Dental today at (817) 379-1200. Located in Southlake, TX, we also proudly serve families in Keller, Colleyville, Grapevine, West Lake, Trophy Club, and North Richland Hills.

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