Quiz: Oral Health Problems, And How They Can Be Addressed

Why is it so important to take care of your smile? Without regular, effective oral health care, you can find yourself dealing with problems like tooth decay and gum disease. These issues have the ability to do serious harm. Did you know that gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss? Did you know that a cavity can lead to an infection that spreads from your tooth, and causes further harm? It is important to maintain good preventive dental health habits, so you can avoid these issues. Fortunately, your dentist is ready to supply the appropriate restorative dental care if a concern does arise.


True Or False: A buildup of tartar at your gum line can lead to problems with tooth decay, and gum disease.

True Or False: A cavity’s growth can be stopped if you add an extra brushing session to your daily oral care regimen.

True Or False: An internal tooth problem can be caused by decay, or by dental damage. A root canal can stop this problem from doing permanent damage to your tooth.


True! Plaque will harden to tartar if the substance is not removed in time. Because brushing and flossing can fail to help, you will need to undergo a professional teeth cleaning to remove tartar from your smile.

False! Brushing and flossing will help you avoid cavities. If you have a cavity that has already formed, you will need to see your dentist for the appropriate restorative dental treatment.

True! A root canal is performed whenever your dentist needs to address an issue with your tooth’s pulp. People often think of a root canal as a cavity treatment, but it can be necessary after a dental injury, too.

Munilla Dental Offers Expert Care To Help You Deal With Oral Health Problems

At Munilla Dental, patients can count on expert oral health care whenever they need to treat a smile problem. Our practice is proud to offer excellent restorative care, as well as ongoing preventive care through routine checkups. You can schedule a dental consultation by calling Munilla Dental today at (817) 379-1200. Located in Southlake, TX, we also proudly serve individuals from Keller, Colleyville, Grapevine, West Lake, Trophy Club, and North Richland Hills.

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