Taking Care Of A Cavity With Modern Restorative Treatment

Can modern restorative dental care keep your tooth protected, while preserving your appearance? Many patients can be concerned that a cavity will be the end of their smile as they know it. Fortunately, the modern dental fillings and crowns provided by your dentist can closely mimic natural teeth. This means you can remain confident in how you look, while also trusting that your tooth has the support it needs. It is important to take cavities seriously. If your dentist identifies a problem, addressing it promptly will help you avoid losing more of your tooth to decay. You can ensure early detection will take place by attending regular dental checkups.

What Kind Of Treatment Will It Take To Fully Address My Issues With Tooth Decay?

The type of treatment needed for your cavity will depend on its severity. If you have a relatively minor cavity that only affects your enamel, you can have your tooth effectively restored with a filling. A root canal will be needed if an infection that reaches your pulp. Larger cavities will generally require dental crowns. Crowns cover all of your tooth above your gum line, and absorb biting and chewing pressures.

Making Sure Your Smile Stays In Good Shape, Even After Restorative Care

Effective smile care can protect your teeth, and help ensure that your restoration lasts longer. Part of that care should be from your dentist. At each exam, they will check on the status of your teeth, and any restorations currently in place. Of course, preventive care at home will also be valuable. Make sure you are thorough when you brush and floss your teeth. Each time you brush, you should take at least two minutes. When you floss, make sure you move the string vertically, to fully address those spaces between teeth.

Munilla Dental Offers Modern Restorative Dental Treatment

Patients can look forward to fantastic smile care from Munilla Dental. If you need restorative work, our practice can provide you with a durable, discreet restoration. Of course, we can also help you avoid cavities when you see us for regular checkups. You can schedule a dental consultation by reaching Munilla Dental at (817) 379-1200. Located in Southlake, TX, we also treat patients who live Keller, Colleyville, Grapevine, West Lake, Trophy Club, and North Richland Hills.